A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stardust ★ Arcadis is a visual novel centered around life in this cyberpunk NeoCity called Arcadis

In this game, you play as Erina Milani, a lounge hostess who just became a Backer – a person working in law enforcement to clear up their criminal record – while having to deal with the demons of their past and the aftermath of being involved in a bank heist.

Make decisions to better (or worsen?) the life of Arcadens, spend time working at the Shooting Star to get to know fellow citizens, deal with paperwork, and discover Erina’s story as she starts a new life in this city.


  • 7 full in-game days
  • Most characters appearing at least once


  • A month of in-game time
  • Three unlockable characters
  • Four different "main" endings
  • One unlockable ending per character
  • One to two bad endings

Due to the genre and the setting, Stardust ★ Arcadis is a game dealing with many adult topics

While it only grazes the surface of most, some are more anchored into the story than others. It is not a game for you if any of these themes cause distress of discomfort: parental neglect & abuse, effects of long-term illnesses, discrimination* , severe injuries, grief, depression, substance abuse. 

* Towards hybrids and cyborgs only.

  • Art, Story, Coding, Backgrounds - Rain Aston / RainSpice Studios
  • Music - Andrea Baroni / Cyberleaf Studio (Itchi.io)


StardustArcadisExtendedDemo.zip 496 MB
StardustArcadisExtendedDemoFR.zip 495 MB

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